The Oklahoma Public Fleet Management Association (OPFMA) is a non-profit fleet association which endeavors to support fleet professionals through education, networking, and resources. OPFMA’s goal is to create an environment where the fleet community can share best practices and collaborate on ideas. The association also enjoys strong support from our service provider members. These valued service providers keep OPFMA fleet professionals informed about the latest innovations and product developments. In return, suppliers are afforded the opportunity to introduce their products and services and meet prospective customers.

OPFMA was organized in late 2013 by a group of fleet management professionals seeking to share their experiences and solve common problems. The association started with a core group of 30 fleet professionals and has grown to over 100 members. The association is comprised of nearly 60 fleet and service organizations. Members come from all corners of Oklahoma, all sectors of government, schools, universities, businesses, and adjoining states.


Our purpose is to leverage purchasing power and encourage open exchanges of information on experiences, ideas, and methods. Our members provide leadership and knowledge in the field of fleet maintenance and management in order to ensure that fleet professionals have the resources to improve, develop, and maintain cutting edge techniques and practices in their operations.

OPFMA diligently works to ensure that educational programs are available to members for their on-going professional development. We also encourage and facilitate the exchange of ideas and solutions between members. These efforts occur through networking events at various locations around the state and at our annual conference. Additionally, OPFMA has developed an online networking site so members can pose questions and discuss issues that impact their everyday operations.

Membership Benefits

  • Members share best practices and collaborate on ideas to improve efficiencies and reduce costs
  • Members receive support and mentorship from other OPFMA colleagues
  • Members learn about industry improvements and new developments in products, services, and equipment
  • Members receive fleet related Internet resources; details about certification programs and scholarships; and, information about upcoming conferences and events