2016 Conference Videos & Photos

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Former OPFMA President Robert Swepston answers questions about OPFMA and fleet management:

The Round Table Discussions and the Introduction of the OPFMA Board for 2016/2017

Lyndy Serpan & Randy Powers- Predictive Maintenance: Taking Care of Small Problems Before They Become Emergencies

Lew Flowers- Oklahoma Technology & Maintenance Council

Alternative Fuels Panel: Electric, CNG, Propane, and Driverless Vehicle Technology
Adriane Jaynes (Tulsa Clean Cities), Paula Laney (OK LP Gas Research),  Eric Pollard (Central OK Clean Cities), Norman Herrera (Sparq Natural Gas)

John Reel- Opening Session Kickoff- Car & Truck Trivia

TJ Tennent- Tire Technology: All Things Tires

Lisa Dodson- Maximizing Efficiency, Productivity, and ROI of Wichita’s Fleet Assets: A Case Study

Tim Keiffer- Don’t Leave Warranty Savings on the Table

Bill Griffiths- Connecting with Leadership: Using Data to Tell Your Story