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Tulsa Clean Cities
Name: Adriane Jaynes
Address: 2 West 2nd St., Suite 800
City: Tulsa
State: OK
Contact Email: ajaynes@incog.org
Phone Number: 918-579-9494
Member Type:
OMES Fleet Management
Name: Alan Frank
Title: Parts Manager
Address: 317 NE 31st Street, Suite A
City: Oklahoma City
State: OK
Contact Email: alan.frank@omes.ok.gov
Phone Number: 405-521-4846
Member Type:
City of Tulsa
Name: Alex Brown
Address: 1720 Newblock Park Dr.
City: Tulsa
State: OK
Contact Email: abrown@cityoftulsa.org
Phone Number: 918-596-9825
Member Type:
Cleveland County District No. 3
Name: Allen Sheltey
Address: 9050 Hwy 77
City: Noble
State: OK
Phone Number: 405-872-3888
Member Type:
City of Moore
Name: Andrew Ball
Address: 512 NW 27th Street
City: Moore
State: OK
Contact Email: andyb@cityofmoore.com
Phone Number: 405-206-3630
Member Type: